​Two years ago, I flew to Illinois to visit a friend and go see the total
solar eclipse. We drove south and came upon a historic octagonal
schoolhouse where we stopped to witness one of the most incredible
events in my life. I will never forget it.


It’s a difficult time. The pandemic is still happening, and then all the
protests against police violence toward Black Americans are being met with…
police violence and more deaths of Black men and women. The protests
and the responses to them in some state and local governments and the
private sector give me hope, but I am also wary of surface changes
being made without deep substantial changes. I hope we can get to the substantial
changes this time. It has not felt right for me to make work directly
about what is happening, but I did make these two drawings recently. I
was definitely thinking about everything that is going on and what I as a
white person can do.

Keep Green-Wood Open!

​Sternly worded emails have been sent out from Green-Wood Cemetery
saying that if people do not treat the space with more respect (as it is
not a public park) they may have to close during the week. Noooooo!

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