I sent out these hand painted Valentine’s to some special art directors a few years ago. I even made special envelopes! And it’s an easy recipe, a real crowd pleaser and it’s vegan and gluten free so most everyone can eat it.


I got a job working in the Bahamas for a month, which has been wonderful. I am doing Venetian plaster all day on a little island, and then I have evenings and weekends to paint, work on my website, read, stand up paddle board and go to the beach. Not bad! Here are a couple of the sketches I liked the best. Still have not been able to capture the incredible glowing azure of the water…

Political Cocktail series

Happy New Year! My friend Spring, who was trained as an illustrator and is now an artist extraordinaire, saw my “imPeach Mint Cocktail” and said she’d love to see a whole series of political cocktails. I thought this was a great idea, so I have been working on some more political cocktail recipes. Here’s what I have so far.

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